Andrea R. Row is the owner/operator of

Bridge To Balance, LLC. She is a Mala Maker, Usui Reiki Master, full-time MSW student, and mom to two wonderful kids. 

From as far back as I can remember, I have always wholeheartedly believed in the connection of mind, body, and spirit. I was reminded about this connection at a very low point in my life which is what began my road to healing from emotional trauma, autoimmune conditions, and spiritual stagnancy. Once I began this path to healing, I learned so much that helped me in ways I never expected. I felt so strongly about all I learned that I wanted to share it with the world! As such, Bridge To Balance, LLC was born in the spring of 2019.


I struggled with meditation because I'm easily distracted. I wanted a way to meditate that didn't require the use of my phone or another person, and the Mala is where I found the most success. It has turned out to be one of the biggest parts of my healing experience. Then I decided to start making them because I think they are so beautiful!


When making a Mala, I put myself in a good mental space, listen to soothing Reiki music, and use that time to meditate by repeating affirmations or by simply focusing on my breath with each bead that I add to the cord. This helps to give the Mala good energy. Once the Mala is finished, I sage it to clear any negative energy and then infuse it with Reiki for additional healing benefits. I really enjoy experimenting with different materials, color combinations and tying techniques for the tassels, and combining various healing stones, crystals, and other types of beads for the counting beads. I've found so many fun guru beads to use as well- the combinations and possibilities are endless! 

I have written many healing affirmations have helped me immensely (and continue to do so). They touch on all different topics that are healing in mind, body, and spirit such as anxiety, shifting habits, grief, and even simply reinforcing the feeling of being loved, protected and supported at a time when I felt the most vulnerable and alone. I've put all of them into the Blog on this site so that you can benefit from them as much as I have. 

I am so very grateful to those who have supported my little business during this extremely challenging time in our world, and thankful for the trust you put in me to inspire you all on your healing journey!