Grief and loss take a significant toll on a person mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is not a coincidence that the symptoms associated with grief and the benefits of Reiki go hand-in-hand. It is an excellent self-care tool on your grief journey.

I specialize in Grief Reiki to help restore balance to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual parts of us that take a major hit when we are grieving as a result of a death, divorce, break-up, loss of pet, end of friendship, or any other painful life circumstance that has a negative effect on our overall health. I guarantee you leave your session feeling lighter and with more hope than when you came in, and with a better understanding of how to help yourself. 

There is very little difference between receiving Grief Reiki vs. Reiki, except that when a practitioner has been trained and certified in Grief Reiki, they are educated for the specific purpose of better understanding those who are coping with losses of different kinds, in addition to being trained in Reiki. The personal experience I've had with many different types of losses gives me more compassion and understanding which compliments my training well. My clients benefit greatly from this combination. 

When my husband died unexpectedly, I was a healthy 35 year old woman who quickly became extremely physically ill. My immune system shut down and I was chronically sick, had hives from head to toe, couldn't sleep or eat, and even had a close call with cancer. Chest pains were so consistent that I thought maybe was wasn't too young to die from a broken heart (Broken Heart Syndrome is real). When I think back, this provided the most evidence to me of just how connected the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person truly are. Having experienced first-hand the debilitating effects of grief and the toll it took on my overall health, as well as the significant benefits I experienced from practicing Reiki for myself, I am passionate about helping others through this particular healing modality.


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