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$80 per person and all materials will be provided. Space is limited to FIVE people per class, and classes are held one Saturday per month.

* During this period confinement to our homes for COVID-19, we have switched to virtual workshops. Packets of materials will be mailed to those interested in participating. Virtual workshop schedule is TBD. $80 now includes shipping costs. Please contact me with your choice of materials.

* If you prefer I make your Mala for you, contact me with your choice of materials. 

* Payment must be made in advance through PayPal before shipping. Thank you!


If you are new to meditation or have a hard time keeping your mind from wandering, this wonderful tool will help you stay focused, and also makes a beautiful necklace! During this class, you will learn how to make your own Mala (which contains 108 beads), learn how to use it for meditation, and go home with a tool that you can use for stress relief, and something beautiful you can wear as well! Even the semi-precious beads used to make the Mala have healing benefits. The satisfaction of knowing you made it with your own two hands gives it even more meaning, and it's a fun activity to do with friends.

I was introduced to the Mala several years ago when I went to a workshop at Camp Widow® * (an in-person event through Soaring Spirits International* which despite the name is actually awesome and uplifting). Taryn Davis is a very young widow who lead the workshop and also has a non-profit called The American Widow Project * (AWP) which provides peer to peer support to military widows grieving the loss of a spouse in the armed forces. Her workshop started with the Mala to teach us focus before leading us into some really cool stuff which included breaking a board with our bare hands!

Anyone who has tried meditating can understand the challenge of keeping your mind from wandering 1000x during the process. This tool has helped me immensely to keep my mind-wandering to a minimum during meditation (something I had a difficult time with when I first was learning how to meditate).


Whether you are into Reiki, yoga, or not into any of those things, meditation is a healthy practice for stress reduction, and everyone can benefit from that. 

Call/message me today to reserve your spot! 

* See "Grief Resources" Page

CHOICE of semi-precious stone/wood beads, colors, & other options: 










*CHAKRA Malas use Sandalwood beads and semi-precious chakra stone beads correlating to each chakra.

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