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Crystal Reiki is the use of healing crystals during a Reiki session to maximize healing potential (I interchange the the words "crystals" and "stones" occasionally, but they are essentially the same). 


Reiki promotes healing using energy and vibration. The same concept applies with the use of crystals. Crystals and stones have energetic properties that promote healing in different ways. Used in combination, Reiki and crystals have powerful healing potential. Each crystal has a unique vibration that gives it a specific function, and they positively interact with your body's energetic field. Placing them on your body and/or holding them in your hands increases their beneficial effects. 

The crystals I choose to use for each client is tailored to their specific needs, based on the properties of each stone and the use of intuitive guidance.  


I am currently taking a course to learn more about the science behind them to understand better HOW they work (this involves physics, geology, and more), as well as how they work metaphysically, and the ways to maximize their benefits for my clients depending on their specific needs. 

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