Full Harvest Moon.

This October, we don’t just get one full moon, we get TWO! Today, the Full Harvest Moon peaks at 5:05pm this evening, so get your crystals ready to set out for clearing, and if you really want to make the most of it, fill up a jar of water and set it out to create some "moon water" under the light of the full moon. You can use this water to give a little extra energy to your plants, to cleanse some of your crystals (that are able to tolerate water without eroding), or drink it to give yourself an extra energetic boost because everybody could benefit from that about now! Drink it with the intention of it clearing and balancing the energy centers in your body, nourishing all of your cells, and to activate any necessary healing. Add a little squeeze of fresh organic lemon or a slice of cucumber for additional healing benefits!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Harvest Moon and how it landed in October instead of September, check out this interesting article by “The Old Farmer’s Almanac” here:


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