Updated: Oct 31

Tomorrow (Saturday, October 31, 2020) is our second full moon of the month! The Hunter’s moon will peak at 10:49am and is rare for a few reasons - first, it’s not often we get two full moons in one month; second, it’s been 76 years since a full moon landed on Halloween; and third, it’s a Blue moon which means four full moons have occurred during just one season.

If you’re feeling a little out of sorts lately, a little extra sensitive, or just feeling a whole lot of everything all at once, you’re not alone. This is a time in which you might want to delay making a big decision or negotiations, and use some extra restraint, patience and love with all of your communications. There’s an energetic shift in the works and has been for a while, but right now it’s a bit magnified because the veil is pretty thin and the alignment of the planets and our moon could be influencing it as well. It’s also exacerbated by the heightened emotions felt around the country and the world right now.

Everything is energy, and because we are all connected, that in itself is going to have an effect on every single one of us, whether we believe in our interconnectedness or not. The events of this year so far are all evidence of this. Believe it or not, this is actually a good thing- it provides proof to us more than ever of just how connected we all are, and as a result, is creating a mass awakening. I am fully aware of how full of woo this sounds, but I’ve decided to just embrace the woo instead of fighting it like I have for far too long, and it feel so good!!

The full moon is always a wonderful opportunity to set your intentions for the upcoming month and release what no longer serves you, so make your list for tomorrow, and don’t forget to set out your healing stones/crystals for charging and clearing (this includes your Mala if you’ve gotten one from me)!













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