Day 1/20 of B2B's Autumnal Equinox Series - MINDSET

Updated: Oct 8

Every one of these ideas can help at anytime of year, and some of these ideas are included in my Back To Basics Self Healing course!


Changing your perspective can change your entire life. These are conscious choices we can make every day that have profound long-term benefits. Shift your attention to notice the good- to the things that are going right, and to all the things you’re grateful for. Change your mindset from what “I can’t do” to “what I can do.” Limit your exposure to the situations and people that constantly drag you down. When you catch yourself having a negative thought, counter it with three positive thoughts. Consider writing them down to remember and reinforce them. It will elevate your mood, and the mood of those around you. We don’t realize the effect that we have on the people around us - whether in person, or on social media. Be aware of the energy you’re putting out into the universe because it’s more powerful than you realize.

It’s easy to get stuck in a loop where we replay a scenario in our heads of something that hurt us. When you reinforce negative emotions by giving them your time, energy, and focus, it strengthens those neural connections in your brain associated with that emotion. You are essentially training your brain. It sends out stress hormones that can harm you physically. With practice and consistency, you can just as easily train your brain to defer to a positive mindset by replaying the beautiful moments in your life that made you happy. By seeing the good in others. When someone says or does something to us, we have a choice in which way we receive it. Defer to the good. Believe all the GOOD things people say to you and about you. There is so much good in you and in the world - focus on those, and in doing so, you’ll be putting out positive energy around you. This will also help to attract more good into your life!

The mind, body and spirit are one cohesive unit. What affects one part affects ALL of it. When you begin to exercise your positive neural pathways consistently (and consistency is key), it sends a healing chemical reaction to all parts of your body. The results benefit your entire being - in mind, body and spirit.

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