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Updated: Jun 11

I received my Master level certification in February of this past year and continue to learn and grow with Reiki. Part of that growth makes me feel compelled to share it so others can experience this amazing transformative growth, too. The pull to teach gets stronger every day - especially because I continue to have these life-changing, lightbulb-flickering, goosebump-inducing experiences that make me bubble over!

With COVID, I have given serious consideration to changing my format to accommodate online instruction. While I feel there is a lot of value with online instruction (it's definitely better than none!), I feel that so much would be lost with the things I want to teach and the WAY I want to teach them, so I am choosing to wait until we are no longer under the threat of a pandemic. A wise man once told me (many times),

"Good things come to those who wait."

I'm beginning to understand more and more why people are sent off to monasteries and convents in order to find their inner peace, to study and meditate in solitude, and not have the distractions, chatter and influence from the outside world. Since I'm still raising my kiddos who are now teenagers, I haven't been completely alone while quarantining. However, they are busy with their online instructions and gaming with their friends, so it has allowed me the solitude and time needed for focus. This is the first time in my life I have ever had this opportunity. What's truly amazing is, I just caught myself calling solitude an opportunity! I'll be writing about that more later... For now, I'll get to my point for today:

I am very excited to announce that I have built a beautiful curriculum for my students that goes beyond classes and will hopefully make a difference in their lives. I will be teaching the three levels of Reiki in separate and detailed courses as close as I could find to Mikao Usui's tradition. Plus, I have added another class for those who aren't interested in a full-on Reiki Certification course but would like to learn ways they can improve their lives through mind, body and spirit. I'll also be following through with those Mala-Making Workshops! Stopping here for now, but will be writing more soon!


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