Tips For Quick Anxiety Relief

Updated: Nov 1

A client of mine recently asked if I was doing in-person Reiki appointments yet. It crushed me to have to tell her no, but that I am still happily doing Distance Reiki sessions. This poses a challenge for her as it does in many people’s households (especially right now) where there is very little opportunity for her to have any quiet or alone time. This inspired me to send her a few quick little tips that I hope she finds helpful, and that I thought would be useful for everybody!

First, regular rhythmic breathing helps a TON. Any time you feel yourself getting tense or stressed, remember to BREATHE. Deeply, in through your nose and feeling it expand your lungs into your belly, and then breathe out slowly through your mouth. Try using a slow count of five for breathing in, and a slow count of five for breathing out. While you're doing this, put your right hand on your chest, and your left hand on your belly. Feel healing energy going into your body as you breathe in, and any stress, illness and anxiety leaving your body as you breathe out. Do this until you feel your heart rate get to a more level pace (or even a little longer, if you’re able).

Designate one little corner of your home as your sacred space. Everyone should have at least their own little corner of sacred space - just for themselves. Make it peaceful and pretty. Maybe light a candle while you're in there, or have your favorite crystal (or Mala - my favorite!) with you. If you can, put some healing Reiki music on your phone and give yourself a ten minute time out in there where you can breathe and close your eyes and shut the world out. Just ten minutes a day for yourself can make a world of difference.


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