Autumnal Equinox Series Intro

Updated: Oct 5

Fall is a time of preparation and transformation... Trees shed their leaves to reserve energy for the cold, dark winter months and animals in the wild eat extra food so they can store it as body fat to use as energy while in hibernation. Their body temperatures drop, their breathing and heart rates slow down, all in order to reserve their energy. Some animals head south to warmer climates, but unfortunately, not everyone is able to do that!

Every living thing is in a continuous search for balance to maintain homeostasis with an ever-changing environment, and in order to maintain balance, it’s necessary to always be able to shift, change, and adapt. This is evidenced most clearly in nature, and the same holds true for us humans, as we are every bit as much a part of nature.

Now until spring will be a little more challenging for those of us in this part of the world since we are still in the midst of a pandemic, the nights are getting longer, and the energy in our world has been a little heavy and we are all feeling it in one way or another. The fair-weathered months have been easier to manage since we have the opportunity to get outside for fresh air, exercise and to ground ourselves in nature, but with winter approaching, our access to the outdoors will be more limited, there will be significantly less sunlight, add in the challenge of hybrid/remote schooling for those of us with children and approaching flu season.

This all has a potentially negative affect on our psyche- especially for those who already experience seasonal affective disorder. Having some tools at the ready will help keep our spirits up and our immune systems strong!

Each weekday for the rest of this month (20 days), I’ll be sharing tried and true tips to help make getting through this season easier. They are great for all year round, but especially useful for the cold winter months. Stay tuned!

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